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A Simple, “Dry”, Solution to Co-generation:
Proe HRPGTM Heat Recovery Power Generator

Nov 21 #1

·        Allows U.S. DOE cogeneration cost savings by simple modification to existing internal combustion or gas turbine powerplants 

·        Eliminates the need for boilers, water heaters, or modifications to building plumbing

·        Newly Patented Thermodynamic Cycle recovers up to twice the top cycle exhaust heat of Stirling, Organic Rankine, Steam or even our own Ericsson engines

·        Potential to meet DOE requirement with electrical and shaft power alone

·        Proe HRPGTM engine exhaust is clean hot air suitable for direct building heating
  - Provides further energy recovery with little or no building modifications

·        Simple, conventional engine technology

·        Integrates with existing powerplant using existing engine controls

·        Long bottom cycle engine life without impact to top cycle engine life

·        Low cost to manufacture, high profit

·        Competition prevented by broad patent protection (U.S. #6672063)

·        Outstanding market position for the initial manufacturer and distributor

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January 6, 2004. Thousand Oaks CA. Read our Press Release about Issue of the HRPGTM Patent

Cogeneration Cost Savings with Proe Power Systems’ Newest Technology Spin Off: the Proe HRPGTM Engine

The Proe Afterburning™ Engine technology has provided a starting point for a “spin-off” technology for the cogeneration market.   The spin off, our patented Proe HRPGTM Heat Recovery Power Generator, has the potential to fundamentally change the dynamics of the distributed generation market by meeting the US Dept of Energy (DOE) cogeneration requirements without the need for steam boilers.  The Proe HRPGTM engine can produce an additional 15% to 25% electrical power from an existing internal combustion or gas turbine genset while simultaneously providing clean hot air for building heating.


To date, the DOE requirements have forced cogeneration vendors to target a small set of prospects - either those that have a significant need for thermal energy as part of their operations or those that are willing to allow the cogeneration heat recaptured to be “plumbed” into their existing systems (usually as hot water) or designed in at the construction phase. 


Proe Power Systems’ HRPGTM engine provides a straightforward solution to cogeneration by allowing existing internal combustion (IC) or gas turbine powerplants to potentially achieve the DOE cogeneration requirements by the generation of additional electricity and clean hot air – thereby avoiding the need to modify a building’s heating system.   The Proe HRPGTM engine is the result of an optimal match of top and bottom cycle thermodynamics using very simple and conventional engine construction.   The resulting engine far exceeds the exhaust heat recovery capability of any other bottom cycle engine: Stirling, Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), conventional Steam, and even our own Ericsson Cycle.   An existing IC powerplant can be simply modified by connecting the IC engine exhaust into a Proe 90™ recuperator and coupling the drive shafts of the Proe HRPGTM engine and the existing IC engine.   The linked engines require no additional controls and the IC exhaust heat then drives the Proe HRPGTM engine to produce 15% to 25% additional electrical power from the same amount of fuel.   With a high efficiency top cycle engine, the additional electrical power alone can potentially meet the DOE requirement.   In addition to the power increase, the Proe HRPGTM engine exhaust is clean hot air having the potential for over 20% additional efficiency gain by simply exhausting it into a building directly or into the building’s existing heating ducts.  The additional power and heat yields a combined efficiency that can easily exceed DOE cogeneration requirements without the need for additional heat exchangers or boilers.


Nov 21 #2  Proe Power Systems HRPGTM Heat Recovery Power Generator Brochure  (Adobe pdf file)


Hear the Desktop Demo HRPGTM engine Run! (1.5 Mb wma file)

January 6, 2004. Thousand Oaks CA. Read our Press Release about Issue of the HRPGTM Patent















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