PPS 250 Solid Biofuel Powerplant Project

Our Objective: We will finally make distributed renewable energy a truly practical alternative to fossil fuel energy by producing electric power and heat from biomass waste at a cost at or below fossil fuel generation, without the need for government subsidies.



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A Clean, Low Cost, Alternative Fuel, Direct Combustion Powerplant:

PPS 250 Solid BioFuel Powerplant

Electric Power and Heat from Direct Combustion of Solid Biofuel

CHART.jpgHigh Efficiency Combined with Total Fuel Flexibility

·        Cost Effective, Practical, Renewable Power Generation without the Need for Government Subsidy

·        Allows Direct Combustion of  any Solid, Liquid or Gaseous Fuel

·        Eliminates the Cost and Complexity of Digesters, Gasifiers, Fermenters, Distillers, Reformers etc.

·        Ideal for Renewable Alternative fuels: Second Generation Biofuels (Algae, Bamboo, Miscanthus, Arundo, Switch Grass etc.), Bio-waste, Refuse, Prunings, Coconut Shells, Corn Husks, Shredded Paper, Wood Pellets or Scrap, etc.

·        Ideal for Distributed Power using Lignite Fuel

·        Extremely effective means for obtaining Sustainable Bioenergy Production from Marginal Lands 

·        Provides the cleanest and most efficient means possible for Direct Combustion of Carbon Neutral Solid Fuels and Cellulosic Biomass (without the need for a gasifier or digester) for Village Power, Agricultural Waste Power, and Power from all Types of Combustible Waste.

·        Can Use its own Heat to Dry Wet Solid Fuels - Simplifies fuel handling and reduces fuel cost

·        Fuel economy and global warming emissions even better than a Fuel Cell  - right now - without waiting for the “Hydrogen Economy” (see the Fuel Cell comparison page)

·        Clean exhaust meets 21st Century Environmental Requirements Without Costly Pollution Controls

·        Simple, Conventional Construction

·        Turnkey Installation using Standardized Modules to Simplify Site Preparation and Permitting
Multiple, Standard Modules Readily Lend Themselves to Creation of a Local MicroGrid

·        Totally New – Not Steam or Stirling

1.    Open Cycle that Operates on Air

2.    No “Working Fluid” to Leak

3.    Superior Efficiency, Reliability, and Maintainability

·        Much Simpler and More Efficient than Stirling Engines  (see the Stirling comparison adobe file)

·        Long engine life: Moving Parts not Exposed to Combustion Products
A vital characteristic for use of "non-traditional" renewable fuels that cause other engines to rapidly seize

·        Low cost to manufacture, high profit

·        Endorsed by 2008 “Innovation in Renewable Energy” Award by the Northern Ohio Chapter – Association of Energy Engineers

·        Competition prevented by broad patent protection (U.S. #8,858,223, (U.S. #7028476, US Patent 6,672,063, US Patent 6,390,185,  U.S. #5894729) and pending





Simple and Direct Conversion of Virtually any Fuel to Mechanical and/or Electric Power:


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Developed by a Space Shuttle Fuel Cell Expert who knew there had to be a better way...more

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PPS 250 Solid Biofuel Powerplant Brochure (Adobe pdf file)  Summary Product Brochure for the PPS 250 Solid Biofuel Powerplants


PPS 250 Operating Characteristics with Various Fuels



 Proe Firetube 85(tm) Flue Gas Air Heater   


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