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About Proe Power Systems, LLC

Proe Power Systems, LLC is an Ohio Licensed Professional Engineering Firm (#01336). We offer world class engineering consulting in alternative energy, fuel cells, hydrogen storage and distribution, thermal control systems, heat exchangers, solar power, wind power and many other related technologies.


Power, Energy and Thermal Control Engineering Consulting: Taking Projects from Concept to Production, Technical Due Diligence on Investment Opportunities, Assessment of Project Viability and Key Technology Requirements, Performance of Trade Studies of Alternative Energy Technologies.

Current Project

The PPS 250 Solid Biofuel Powerplant is a simple, cost effective, modular, and easily installed powerplant for direct conversion of solid biomass (or solid refuse derived fuel) to electric power and heat. At 250 kWe output, this powerplant is capable of continuously providing heat and power to a community of ~250 homes at a cost competitive with even low cost coal-based power without the need for government subsidies.


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 PPS 250 Solid Biofuel Powerplant Project



 Our Objective: We will finally make distributed renewable energy a truly practical alternative to fossil fuel energy by producing electric power and heat from biomass waste at a cost at or below fossil fuel generation, without the need for government subsidies.


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     Proe Firetube 85(tm) Flue Gas Air Heater and Gas Turbine Recuperator







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